What type of paint damage can Southern Colors repair?

Paint Chips: Automobile paint will receive chips over time due to normal everyday driving. Southern Colors is able to repair the paint damage using its proprietary process. Keeping the painted finish free of chips will protect against rust, and improve the overall appearance of the automobile.

Clear coat scratches: These scratches are usually caused by simply sliding a box or briefcase off the surface of the car, dragging dirt across the finish, and putting minor scratches into the clear coat. Clear coat is a polyurethane, which like most plastics, will haze or turn white when disturbed. The best solution for repairing this type of damage is to cut the damage out of the clear coat through either high speed buffing or wet sanding and polishing. The scratch is gone, not to return. No painting is required.

Heavier scratches: Scratches that are too deep to cut out will need to be touched up with the correct primer, base coat and clear coat. Touch up will not eliminate the damage, as a physical outline of the damage will always remain. Depending upon color, location and severity of damage, the outcome of the repair will vary. However, in most cases the repair provides a significant improvement to the painted finish.

Very heavy scratches: Scratches that have a scroll design (not a straight line) can only be marginally improved with touch up. Color plays the biggest role in the outcome of repair on this type of damage, but generally only marginal improvement can be expected. A full repaint of the damaged panels is the best solution to repairing the damage.

How do I know if I should have my car touched up or repainted?

Touch up is designed to improve the appearance of minor paint damage. If you wish the damage to completely go away, you should consider repainting (in a body shop). Southern Colors is very precise in describing the expected end result, so that the customer can make an informed decision on whether to touch up or repaint.