Additional Services

High Speed Buffing:

Southern Colors' buffing technicians are experienced veterans in the automobile industry. While using a multi-step process, most minor clear coat damage can be eliminated, resulting in an outstanding high gloss finish. Wet sanding and polishing of problem areas is also available.

Removal of Minor Dents:

Southern Colors has the ability to remove minor dents prior to touching-up the paint. These dents are usually caused from other doors bumping you vehicle, leaving a dimple in the metal. However, there are numerous causes for minor dents, many of which can be removed rather quickly and for a lot less cost than a conventional body shop. Like paint touch-up, it can usually be done while you wait.

Bumper / Mirror Repair:

Southern Colors can repair minor body damage done to bumpers, mirror, spoilers and ground affects. After filling and sanding the damaged area, the correct color and clear coat is applied. Most repairs can be completed in a few hours to one day depending on the size and amount of damage.




Flat Black Repair:

All areas covered in flat black fade, or chip over time. Southern Colors can repaint all flat black areas with the correct paint for the damaged location(s), flexible paint for bumpers and hardened paint for trim, mirrors and windshield wipers.

Wheel Repair:

Southern Colors can sand and repaint several types of painted wheels. Each wheel is cleaned, sanded and sprayed with a base coat and clear coat to match the manufactures original color.